Wrap Up on Yahoo

I’ve just done my last post on the old blog, giving the link onwards to here. I won’t repeat it here, but thought it worth posting the summary of the blog and my life since I started blogging. It’s not a long summary, but better than nothing:

“It’s been a journey, and in that time I’ve become a father, changed job and moved house. Hannah’s pregnancy was the first big thread on the blog, with many difficult times during that. Running in parallel was the housemove saga, with folks dropping out of the sale of our house. Then I got edged out of my job (something I really didn’t blog much at the time), but thankfully landed somewhere very good in another department. Of course the pregnancy ended with the birth of wonderful Ella, and she has grown and become a lovely daughter for Hannah and I, and we very much love her. It’s amazing how she changes week to week, never mind the startling transformation that has happened in her first two years of life. There have been some trips away blogged, various visits of folks to chez Brear and other events (which frankly I forget now, but that’s why I’ve blogged).”



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