New Photos

I’ve uploaded some photos to Facebook. The first set are a few of ours from Ella’s birthday party. They show how much fun Ella had that day, enjoying some of her presents and cake! She definitely does know what presents are now, showing a great deal of interest in the ones Hannah gave out to the Choir.

The second set is from yesterday, when all three of us went to the Choir’s beach BBQ at St Helens. It was excellent weather, and everyone had a great evening. It was a shame to miss out on a thrilling Wimbledon final, though. I was doing the barbecuing for ourselves, Barbara, Brian, Petra (a friend and choir member who lives across the road), and a couple of other folks. I don’t believe anyone is unwell today, so that must have been okay, despite some items being dropped in the sand and ‘recycled’. Ella had a great time socialising, or alternatively doing her own thing. When the folks who stayed on late were having a sing-song Ella had a good old dance along with them, and once armed with a maraca she helped beat out the rhythm very well. She was most impressive.


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4 Responses to “New Photos”

  1. claremgrant Says:

    I finally found out how to work this bit so can see the photos you have put on. Will this be your new blog? And if so is there an easy way to get to it? We had the old one as a bookmark.

  2. claremgrant Says:

    And could we get copies of the photos? Can we take them from the blog and if so how?

  3. kieronb1 Says:

    Yes, there is an easy way to get to this blog using the web address ( The piccies are on Facebook, and I think you can download a copy from there, though they may be of poor quality once saved.

  4. claremgrant Says:


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