It’s sunny right now

My last post was from a lovely chateau hotel that Hannah and I spent the night at. It was near Josselin, called Domaine de law Ferriere. We had a big room with view over the lawn and the lake. For dinner we both had steak, which was served sizzling on a hotplate, and you cooked it to your preference. I usually have mine well done, but this was so succulent that I ate quite a lot of it rare. It was also a very large entrecote, and we were both very full afterwards. The potatoes were top notch too.
The next day, we visited Josselin, which is a very pretty medieval town with impressive castle. We had a tour of that: me, so I could see round; Hannah, so she could listen and translate the tour guide’s French.
Yesterday I drove, with my Mum, up to Brest to pick up my little brother, Hamish, and his wife, Christine, who flew in there to spend a couple of weeks in Benodet. This now makes it quite a gathering at the campsite, and Ella is making the most of playing with her aunt and uncle.
The title of this post tells of the weather, which is nice today, but has been very cloudy and sometimes wet. The ladies gone to neighbouring Fouesnant to the market, and if the weather stays fine we’ll make the beach this afternoon.



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