Back home, and it’s safe

We’re back home now, having returned on Tuesday. The last few days in Benodet were mostly spent on or around the beach. Thankfully the weather turned consistently good after Hamish and Christine arrived (lucky them), and so we took advantage. We even persuaded my mother and step-father to go to a different beach, and we visited Cap Coz. This was partly a cathartic visit, because last year when we visited, it was teaming down with rain and windy, and we have a lengthy piece of video of Ella pushing her buggy along the beach screaming in delight, despite the horrid weather. This time it was lovely and sunny, and we had a tasty, if drawn-out (French speed of table service) lunch.

On one of these days, Hannah, Ella and I went to visit Quimper. This wasn’t to do anything particularly touristy, because we went last year and saw the major sites (mostly the cathedral). Instead, Hannah wanted to look for a new diary, and we wanted to take Ella to a merry-go-round that is in the cathedral square. There were successes on both fronts, as well as a circuit of the cathedral, after Ella requested to go into the ‘church’. She is very cultured. It was slight embarrassing because Mum’s buggy that we were using needs a good dose of WD40, and the squeaking was very loud in the hushed cathedral. On the outside, Ella did need some persuading to go on the carousel, but eventually did, selecting the tram as her place to sit. The ride in question was based on the travels of Jules Verne, so had a balloon, submarine, horses, cars etc etc, so there was plenty of choice. We tried later in the day to take her on some other, more flashy and noisy rides that are situated on the riverbank, but she said she was ‘bit shy’, and wouldn’t go on, although enjoyed watching the cars going round and round.

The trip back was fine. We stayed overnight in Cherbourg in a pleasant chambre d’hote, which is a French B&B. It had the original name of ‘Chambre d’Hote Cherbourg‘, which didn’t make Hannah’s search for it on Google on my phone in the car to give them a call with me ETA easy. Anyway, it was a lovely place, with a four poster bed, and a conversational hostess. It was also stunningly handy for the ferry port.

As the title says, the house was fine when we got back to it. Nothing appears to be broken or missing, although our tenant did leave some cash and a credit card behind, which I still need to return to the letting agent. Since our return, we have Hannah’s sister, Miriam staying; Hannah has organised a BBQ for some Cowes-based friends (yesterday evening, very successful); attended a cream tea for one of Hannah’s friends birthday; celebrated Miriam’s birthday, my birthday and Hannah and I’s fourth anniversary. So needless to say, there is still a lot of unpacking of the house stuff to do.


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