September Time

We’re well into September, and that means Hannah is back to school and the nights are drawing in. Even Ella has remarked on that, pointing out her window at bedtime and saying ‘it’s dark’. How do you explain the seasons and the rotation of the Earth around the Sun to a two year old?

While the return to school doesn’t mean much to Ella (other than less time with Mummy, which is, of course, important), it does mean that Dancing Tots has restarted and she can get her weekly fix of dancing randomness lessons. Apparently she really enjoyed it this week. She does do lot of dancing whenever she hears music, which I guess must be a good thing.

What isn’t improving is her ability to share. No doubt I’ve mentioned this before. Yesterday she pushed another kid at the play-park who tried to share some climbing equipment with her. Usually she isn’t that aggressive, but it is something we have to constantly watch out for and coach her to let other children near whatever she is playing with, whether it’s large or small.

As I said above, Hannah is back to school, and already complaining that she might be losing her voice. I think that’s normal at the start of the school year. She did get a big promotion at the start of term, which recognises her as a very good teacher. She is very pleased with that, and Ella and I are very proud. The start of term also means that choir is back. Check the Facebook group for friends of the choir or on YouTube for stuff on Medina High Community Choir. The early reherseals have been tough going, as Hannah has introduced some trickier new material, but I’m sure we’ll work our way through it. Some of the new material has been arranged by Hannah, which isn’t a new thing, but now is digitally enhanced, after I finally cracked how to use Cakewalk Music Creator, that I bought for Hannah several months ago. Having worked out how to use it, I realised it lacked some features for printing music (ties, repeats as examples), so downloaded a rival product, Finale PrintMusic, which once we got the right version, does almost all Hannah needs it to. Cakewalk might be good for other things, but not for printing out music. As part of this success, I managed to get Hannah’s Clavinova to talk to her laptop (by simply finding the right instructions and following them). This means Hannah can play the music on the Clavinova, and the application on the laptop will write up the music notation. Cool when it works.

Obviously I’m working away too, having been very focussed on a process milestone at work. That’s nearly done, but IBM being IBM, I can say no more.

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