What Non-Parents Hate

Yes, I’m going to post on potty training. This is a topic of no interest whatsoever to folks without kids; or probably even folks with kids who are over 5. Ella, as you may recall, showed little interest in the potty when we were on holiday and we didn’t push it that hard. Apparently there is psychiatric theory that says a lot of our stresses in later life come from the pressure to become potty trained. Every-so-often we ask Ella if she wants the toilet, and she usually says no. Sometimes we pop her on the toilet or potty to get her used to the idea, and she is quite happy with that. It’s a gentle introduction. Trouble is that she has never ever been bothered running around in a wet or poo filled nappy, so what is the incentive to Ella to learn to use the toilet?

We have had some breakthroughs in the past week or so. Last weekend when we went out for lunch we just put some pants on Ella, no nappy. This seemed to necessitate taking a towel for Ella to sit on in the pub, which was a bit odd and not very successful with a restless 2 year old. Anyway, we came back home with no accidents or embarrassments. Success one. The next day, we had the potty out in the livingroom where Ella was doing painting with her Aquadraw, and Hannah and I were both in the kitchen making tea. We heard Ella calling out and Hannah went back through and found Ella on the potty and had done both a poo and wee in the potty. Strangely she seemed to have managed this without taking her pants off. That was indeed a big success, because she went of her own accord, without prompting. This evening I asked if she wanted the potty before her bath, she dithered and said yes, and duly used it.

So she is beginning to show an inclination towards being potty trained. Once we’ve got over that hurdle, she really will be a proper little girl, as she’ll have completed the skills of talking, walking and managing her own toilet needs.

Note for Americans: pants are what you call panties (I think); nappies are diapers. For some reason the langauge of apparatus relating to babies has an awful lot of differences between English and US English.


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One Response to “What Non-Parents Hate”

  1. David Currie Says:

    Congratulations! On the advice of the health visitor we’ve put potty training on hold again until after the birth of number 2. I did, however, have the sense that Emma wasn’t ever going to do anything whilst she was being watched…

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