I realise it’s been a terribly long time since I last blogged, and Ella has continued to develop at an amazing pace, and in the missing period Hannah has had a birthday, but I’ll update on our weekend, rather than the past month or so.

We were away at Chessington this weekend with various members of my family. Unfortunately my younger brother, Douglas, and his family couldn’t make it due to illness, which was a shame, as Ella would have had a great time playing with her cousins. Nevertheless, we all did have great time. The Holiday Inn there is much better than others we’ve been to before, and coped well with our number (9 including Ella) turning for meals, and some fussiness amongst my family. Our room was very good, with a cubby hole especially for children with little beds and their own television. This meant that Hannah and I didn’t have to retire to the bathroom when Ella was in bed because she was separate from the main room, so we could watch telly.

As usual, Ella did her best to charm the socks off people. She was very good throughout the weekend, but did occasionally flag when tired. She was very happy to see Uncle Hamish and Auntie Christine, and to see Nan and Charlie again. It was also the first time since our holiday in Benodet that she got to see Grandpa again. So all-in-all she was very busy socialising.

On Saturday we went around Chessington Zoo. Hannah, Ella and I visited it in February when we got snowed on, which is not the best weather for wandering around a zoo. On Saturday the weather was very good, and we all had a good time seeing the animals, as well as getting to go on a couple of quite sedate rides that were open. Ella did enjoy the Stormy Sea ride, featuring little boats that went round in a circle and up and down, although there was much trauma around getting her height measured. She did like seeing all the animals, certainly more so than she did in February. She spent nearly all of the four hours we were in the zoo walking, rather than in her buggy, which was very impressive.

We also had a couple of goes in the swimming pool. Hannah did quite a lot of teaching Ella some swimming basics, and she got on very well with that. Ella definitely enjoyed the time in the pool, and I suppose it is something we should try and do more of with her.


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