Bossy Boots

Now that Ella fully has the power of speach, she is putting it to good effect telling people what to do. A popular one is to tell folks to ‘sit down over there’, especially when she is watching television. Over the past couple of days I’ve been given a few ‘No, go away’ instructions. Certainly, when she wants to, she’ll tell you what she wants. She’s also quite prepared to take matters into her own hands. For example, this week when Hannah was on her regular trip to the NSPCC charity shop in Cowes, Ella took a shine to a pair of wellies that were too small for her. She picked them up and walked to the lady at the cash desk and said ‘I want these, Mummy pay’. They had a bit of a conversation before Hannah came up and said that the boots were too small and they were for babies. Ella replied, in a stroke of toddler genius, that she was still a baby because she drank milk and pooed in her nappies. Somehow Hannah extracated themselves from that situation. Generally she is full of amusing little events like that.


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One Response to “Bossy Boots”

  1. claremgrant Says:

    How cute. I am looking forward to seeing all the new developments. I miss so many of them.

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