Wintery Weekend

There was quite a lot of this and that over the weekend just gone. The weather was generally quite atrocious, with any outing involving mad dashes for cover to avoid getting drenched. At one point a large hailstorm caused the downpipe from the front roof to overflow creating a heap of hailstones on our front path.

On Saturday night, Hannah’s choir (Medina High Community Choir) were singing at a switching on of Christmas lights at a house in Newport. They do lots and lots of lights, plus mocked up stable, and collect money for charity. It was cold and dark, and their snow machine (which they turned on when pretty much everyone had gone) allowed a lovely photo of Ella and I, as though in a snowstorm.


Ella had good fun standing with the choir holding her Gan-gan’s hand (who also sings with the choir). She also had her photo taken by the County Press photographer, so we’ll see if she’s in the paper on Friday.

Sunday was a busy day. We went to church which was most remarkable because Ella fell down some stairs. It was just  short set of stairs, up to a serving hatch, where tea and coffee and biscuits are served from. She’d gone up to get a biscuit, and despite rather bumping her face (now with big red mark) she was most distraught about her crushed custard cream biscuit on the floor. A replacement cheered her up.

Since then she’s come down with quite a bit of a cold. She’s being very brave, but does sound like she has been smoking 50 a day for several years. It hasn’t disturbed her sleep, which is good. Colds are not something she has had a lot of. I read that babies, on average, have about eight colds in their first year. I reckon Ella had maybe two before her first birthday. Maybe luck or a tough constitution.


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2 Responses to “Wintery Weekend”

  1. David Currie Says:

    I can guess at two factors that impact the number of colds… Our first child was born in May and had hardly any. Our second in October and seems to have had a cold since he was born. The second child also has to contend with the first going to nursery and bringing back every cold that is going!

  2. claremgrant Says:

    If it is in the paper can you get us a copy? Cutie that she is.

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