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To Toilet or Not to Toilet?

January 25, 2010

Over the past week Ella has shown some inclination towards using the loo. She has had some productive visits to the toilet, and been rewarded with some Milky Way Stars as a result, but she is still very inconsistent. Our plan is to go for a thorough toilet training week over half term in the middle of next month, so anything now is really just a bonus. At Caroline’s, her childminder, she was asked, to give an example, if she wanted to use the potty and said no, and Caroline was quite sure that Ella was in need of the loo, and changed her nappy shortly after, which was, indeed, used. So Ella is quite happy to ignore using the loo when she doesn’t want to.

She continues to produce amusing phrases, though.While playing at going to bed yesterday, she wished me ‘sweet dreams’ as she headed off to bed. Today, when her Auntie Rachel was visiting, she got Rachel in stiches by saying things like ‘okay, guys’, ‘are you ready, guys?’, ‘let’s go, guys’ over lunch.


Hissy Fits

January 16, 2010

Ella has certainly taken on some of the traits of toddlerdom, and one of those is having hissy fits for very small things. Right now, at nap time, she spent the last 5 minutes pretending to cry because I wouldn’t get her changed and put her pyjama top on. It’s not that she does get changed into her pyjamas for her nap, rather that she wants to exert some control and delay on the process. This morning she had brief disgruntlements when I turned the lights off in the living room (because it was light outside) and then when I took a pile of her clothes away that was waiting to go into the wash pile. I may have mentioned this before, but she loves to tell tales on people, especially on me, and often it’s for the most minor misdemenours. One example was ‘Mummy, Daddy just chopped up my dinner’, which is hardly the greatest crime in the world. Usually it is things she’s not happy with, like taking her dummy away or trying to get her to do something. Overall, she certainly hasn’t turned into a terrible toddler, and in the main is very lovely and chatty and polite (when her Gan-gan dropped her off the other day, without prompting she said ‘Thank you for having me’). One ploy that works well when she isn’t doing something we want her to, like eating or going to bed, it to introduce a competitive element. So we can get her to eat more of her dinner by pretending that one of us is going to take a mouthful, and Ella will swoop in and bite the food off the spoon before we have it. That might be something that comes back to haunt us in some way, though.


January 15, 2010

I’ve been using Twitter for a several months now, but never mentioned it here. If you use Twitter and would like to follow me, I’m @kieronb1.

Happy New Year

January 15, 2010

Hello. Not only is it a new calendar year, since my last posting, way back at the end of November, it is actually a new year for my blog. It turned three in December, so happy birthday to me (kind of).

Having been through the season of giving, obviously a lot has been going on. We were up in Scotland over Christmas itself, staying with Hannah’s sister, Miriam, and visiting my family too. We had a bit of an event going up when we got stuck on the M74 in the snow, and bailed on our journey and stayed in a welcoming hotel in Moffat, called The Star (if you follow that link, the room in the big picture was the one we stayed in). Ella enjoyed herself a great deal up in Scotland, getting lots of presents and attention. She especially liked Santa’s trousers and boots that got stuck in Auntie Miri’s fireplace, and the terrible mess he left. 🙂 She didn’t like it when Uncle Hamish (my youngest brother) smiled at her when we were out for dinner one day, which was a rather odd reaction from her. One moment that Hannah treasured was when Granny and Grandpa were taking Ella to theirs after we’d visited my cousin and while Hannah was saying goodbye to Ella, Ella said ‘I’m so proud of you, Mummy’, which was very sweet.

Back down here, we had a quiet Hogmanay, and had a bit of a wind down before going back to work. I say ‘back to work’, but it was a somewhat brief back to work as when the snow hit Britain, my work closed, leaving me working from home (now for over a week), and Hannah’s school closed for half a week. Unfortunately Ella hasn’t been able to get out and enjoy the snow (which has pretty much melted away from Cowes now) because she’s been loaded with a cold. On the day after it had snowed overnight (last Wednesday) we trudged up the hill from our house to the doctor’s surgery to have Ella checked out, and on the way back Ella was somewhat waily, crying a lot. Whether she didn’t like the cold, the snow or the wet, I don’t know, or she just could have been miserable with being unwell. On the whole, she did seem quite interested in the snow, and we did throw together a quick snowman on Sunday. Ella did do very well during her illness, and generally took her medicine well, although there were some occasions when persistence and persuasion were needed.

One of Hannah’s friends, who was babysitting tonight and hasn’t seen Ella since before Christmas did remark on how tall she’d grown and how well her speech had come on. Also her imaginative play is developing quickly and she’ll spend much more time playing with dolls than before, and using the play cooker she got from Granny for Christmas to prepare meals. She’s helping with real cooking as well, helping Hannah make some biscuits and some ice cream (the latter based on an I Can Cook recipe, a show Ella quite likes). She’s definitely growing into being a proper little girl (barring her love for Thomas the Tank Engine), although we’ve yet to tackle the final vestiges of babyhood – nappies and dummies.