Hissy Fits

Ella has certainly taken on some of the traits of toddlerdom, and one of those is having hissy fits for very small things. Right now, at nap time, she spent the last 5 minutes pretending to cry because I wouldn’t get her changed and put her pyjama top on. It’s not that she does get changed into her pyjamas for her nap, rather that she wants to exert some control and delay on the process. This morning she had brief disgruntlements when I turned the lights off in the living room (because it was light outside) and then when I took a pile of her clothes away that was waiting to go into the wash pile. I may have mentioned this before, but she loves to tell tales on people, especially on me, and often it’s for the most minor misdemenours. One example was ‘Mummy, Daddy just chopped up my dinner’, which is hardly the greatest crime in the world. Usually it is things she’s not happy with, like taking her dummy away or trying to get her to do something. Overall, she certainly hasn’t turned into a terrible toddler, and in the main is very lovely and chatty and polite (when her Gan-gan dropped her off the other day, without prompting she said ‘Thank you for having me’). One ploy that works well when she isn’t doing something we want her to, like eating or going to bed, it to introduce a competitive element. So we can get her to eat more of her dinner by pretending that one of us is going to take a mouthful, and Ella will swoop in and bite the food off the spoon before we have it. That might be something that comes back to haunt us in some way, though.

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