To Toilet or Not to Toilet?

Over the past week Ella has shown some inclination towards using the loo. She has had some productive visits to the toilet, and been rewarded with some Milky Way Stars as a result, but she is still very inconsistent. Our plan is to go for a thorough toilet training week over half term in the middle of next month, so anything now is really just a bonus. At Caroline’s, her childminder, she was asked, to give an example, if she wanted to use the potty and said no, and Caroline was quite sure that Ella was in need of the loo, and changed her nappy shortly after, which was, indeed, used. So Ella is quite happy to ignore using the loo when she doesn’t want to.

She continues to produce amusing phrases, though.While playing at going to bed yesterday, she wished me ‘sweet dreams’ as she headed off to bed. Today, when her Auntie Rachel was visiting, she got Rachel in stiches by saying things like ‘okay, guys’, ‘are you ready, guys?’, ‘let’s go, guys’ over lunch.



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