Out on Business

In a strange coincidence, both Hannah and I have had separate trips to Paris this week. This is strange because IBM hardly allows travel, given the economic climate, and Hannah doesn’t often do school trips (this is the first since Ella was born, I think). So that fact that we’ve both got trips in the same week to the same place is weird. Anyway, the overlap was quite small: Hannah left on Wednesday morning and I returned on Wednesday evening, having left on Monday morning. Hannah is back on Saturday evening. My mother, Clare, has provided most of the consistency for Ella this week, who’s got another cold.

My trip to Paris was very good. There were several of us heading there, including people from the States, who I have either met face-to-face only a couple of times or not at all, so it was really great to see them. The reason for the trip was to meet some other folks in another IBM team, and that was very productive too. We had the opportunity to experience Parisian hospitality in a few restaurants, which was pleasant. Our hotel was very nice: a Holiday Inn, much better than several of the ones I’ve stayed in here in the UK, some of which have been mentioned in this blog before. It was a bit of a long (in time) taxi ride from the hotel to the office, because of the traffic. There was some debate whether public transport would be quicker, but some in our party were a bit mass transit phobic. All-in-all, a good time was had by all.

I’ve only had sketchy details from Hannah about how her trip is going. Like mine, the weather is cold and snowy. Their visit to the Eiffel Tower was restricted to only the first viewing level because of the weather. Yesterday Hannah said she’d not had any sleep for 48 hours, and she is labouring under a cold as well.

So it doesn’t sound like Hannah is going to be well set up on her return to start on Ella’s potty training, which is what we have planned for half term. Joyful. I mentioned this to some folks at work, who encouraged me (sarcastically no doubt) to blog about it. Maybe I will, if I can spare the time from cleaning floors, pants, trousers, bed sheets etc.

BTW, the title isn’t meant as a pun or euphemism, in reference to the last paragraph.


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