In at the Deep End

That’s probably about the best cliche I can think of to term the feeling of kicking off potty training for real. Anything we’ve encountered so far in Ella’s development can be allowed to happen gradually: the walking, talking, eating etc etc. None of that requires a step to be taken all of a sudden. Potty training appears to be rather different, at least based on the advice we have. It’s a real case of ‘nappies off, use the potty’. Of course, the nappy is a safety net for the parents as much as the toddler, so both Hannah and I admitted to some relief at the end of today when we put a night nappy on Ella, and I certainly felt an increased level of security.

So how did it go? It didn’t start great, with her overnight nappy, and last of continuous ones, being full of poo, and like a true amateur, I stuck my finger in it while wrapping it up for the bin, Yuck. It didn’t get much better when after breakfast she soaked her pyjama trousers, only a couple of minutes after having been put on the potty. This was all before Hannah got up, and after than happened, we were on something of a roll. Maybe Hannah brought rather less tension to the situation, and Ella was more relaxed. Whatever it was, apart from one incident where Ella started to wee away from the potty, and then dashed onto it, the ‘Happy Panda’ biscuit reward seems to have worked very successfully. From mid-morning onwards Ella earnt her biscuits execllently well. Progress rather faultered around dinner time when she peed first before the meal because she was busy playing with my phone, and then in her chair during the meal, which wasn’t pleasant to witness. She did use the potty afterwards in the run-up to bed, so I think those were more due to lapses in concentration, rather than a breakdown in the regime.

With a final score of hits to misses of about 12-4, I think progress can be summed up as very solid, and maybe an A- grade. It was great to see her dash into the living room from the hall to plonk herself on the potty, that seemed like very grown-up progress. 🙂

So saying, we haven’t been confident enough, as suggested by the health visitor, to go the complete hog and keep the nappies off at night. Maybe someone can comment with a success story of just dumping all nappies in one go, but I doubt that can succeed without horror stories.


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One Response to “In at the Deep End”

  1. David Currie Says:

    That’s a hell a lot of peeing – ours probably doesn’t go more than 5 or 6 times during the day! We did our potty training at the end of last year but still have the occasional accident, mainly due to tiredness. We came to the end of a packet of night-time nappies at the weekend and, having been dry for weeks, decided not to get any more. There then followed two wet nights after which we bought more nappies… which have remained dry. She dislikes weeing in her nappy and will normally wake us up if she needs to go. I just don’t believe the heartache of the occasional nighttime accident is worth it for the sake of a few nappies.

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