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Hiding Things from Mummy

March 28, 2010

This is one that Hannah said I had to blog. Hannah was baking a cake today, with Ella’s help. When it was all done, Hannah had some bits that had been chopped off to shape it, and we all had a bit. Ella also took a bit for her dolly, and took it out to the garden where her dolly was. Hannah followed her out, though Ella didn’t know Hannah was there. Hannah overheard her saying to her dolly, ‘This is your bit, but I’m going to have and don’t tell Mummy’.



March 12, 2010

The last posting on this site did rather speak too soon. I think the next day Ella stopped showing much interest in continuing the ‘game’ of going on the potty and winning her little treats and stickers. Indeed on the following Saturday, she completely ran me ragged and didn’t go to the toilet on three fairly major occasions with unfortunate consequences for the furniture. She continued to show no interest over the next couple of days, although we had retreated to pull-ups to avoid further disasters. Now we’ve backed off to a safe place and decided that she wasn’t ready for moving out of nappies. Perhaps that’s excuse-mongering, but at the moment there is no need to get into fights with Ella about sitting on the potty, as there isn’t an immediate need for her to be toilet trained. We’ll probably try again during the Easter holidays, which is a highly attractive prospect.

Meanwhile, our childminder’s daughter has come down with chickenpox, which means that Ella has not been there this week, and Hannah’s Mum and I have mostly covered (fortunately I’ve got some leave to use up before the end of the month). Ella hasn’t shown any signs of chickenpox, but she must have been in contact with the virus as it was the day after Ella’s last visit to Caroline that she rang up to say that her daughter had come down with it. Fingers crossed, though I’m not sure for what outcome.

News from the Loo

March 3, 2010

Well, we’re more than two weeks into the ‘potty training’ episode of Ella’s life, thankfully something I don’t think any of us remember from our own lives (mostly due to the embarrassement it would cause). How is it going? Not having potty trained a child before, I’m not sure, but I believe the progress is good. At least, that’s what Caroline, Ella’s childminder, says. Basically, if she needs a pee, she’ll ask to go to the toilet or if there is a handy potty she’ll go on that. It’s rare that she has an accident involving pee. They have happened, and apart from the incident previously blogged about, those haven’t been mucky. Poo is a bit more troublesome. According to Hannah’s sister, Rachel, this is not unusual for girls. Unfortunately this has led to us deciding to regress a little and use the pull-up nappies for when Ella is out, or with Caroline (one can’t afford to affront a childminder with a child that messes up their house in that way). This does dilute the ‘when you need the loo, you must go to the toilet’ message. Nonetheless, she’ll still ask to go to the toilet with the pull-ups on. She does still run to the loo with enthusiasm, and still treats it as something of a game. She usually requests her treat, although the sticker chart we had going for about a week hasn’t continued to create interest.