The last posting on this site did rather speak too soon. I think the next day Ella stopped showing much interest in continuing the ‘game’ of going on the potty and winning her little treats and stickers. Indeed on the following Saturday, she completely ran me ragged and didn’t go to the toilet on three fairly major occasions with unfortunate consequences for the furniture. She continued to show no interest over the next couple of days, although we had retreated to pull-ups to avoid further disasters. Now we’ve backed off to a safe place and decided that she wasn’t ready for moving out of nappies. Perhaps that’s excuse-mongering, but at the moment there is no need to get into fights with Ella about sitting on the potty, as there isn’t an immediate need for her to be toilet trained. We’ll probably try again during the Easter holidays, which is a highly attractive prospect.

Meanwhile, our childminder’s daughter has come down with chickenpox, which means that Ella has not been there this week, and Hannah’s Mum and I have mostly covered (fortunately I’ve got some leave to use up before the end of the month). Ella hasn’t shown any signs of chickenpox, but she must have been in contact with the virus as it was the day after Ella’s last visit to Caroline that she rang up to say that her daughter had come down with it. Fingers crossed, though I’m not sure for what outcome.


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One Response to “Retreat”

  1. David Currie Says:

    Opinion seems to be divided – some parents go out of their way for their children to get chickenpox if it’s a convenient time. Not having a childminder might be such a time!

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