Potty Progress

At the moment, I’d say this second phase of potty training is going quite well. There’s been quite a lot of going out and about, and when that happens Ella is in pull-ups, so she isn’t out of nappies all of the time, but when she’s out of nappies, generally she has been very good. There haven’t been any real disasters to note, a couple of pees here and there that haven’t been in the potty. This morning she did pee in protest at not being given an ice-cream, and I’m not sure if she understood that the person most put out by that incident was Ella herself. We’ve got a pop-up potty for use when out-and-about, and I think that’s only been used successfully on one occasion. Not much exciting to report, really.

We had a trip to Marwell Zoo last week. Did Ella thoroughly enjoy seeing lots of new animals? I’m not sure. The thing she most enjoyed was the adventure playground, which was unfortunately completely rammed with children. I thought, while stood watching Ella and the hoards of children, that the zoo keepers and other members of staff must really be quite disappointed that the main point of interest for the kids were the slides and rope bridges, rather than the animals. She did like the giraffes, penguins, crocodile, and hippos, but she wasn’t all that ecstatic. The weather was very good, though. What she did miss out on was a trip either on the road train or the minature steam train – she would have liked that, but there wasn’t the time.


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