Free day

Yesterday was a free day, or rather a day free of concerts. There were a couple of casualties of late night revelry but everyone signed up to go on the trip that Hannah had planned.
The first stop was Douarnenez, to go to the market there. On arrival at the town the problem was finding somewhere to park the coach. We drove through the town searching for a suitable place, eventually arriving at the fishing port without success. Dave, the driver, and I were quite frustrated at this point, so Hannah and I got off the coach to interview a couple of locals. The first thing we discovered was that the market was in neighbouring Treboul this week, and they couldn’t help with parking advice. So we set off out of town on a different route and into Treboul. Fortunately we found somewhere Dave could squeeze the bus into and the choir went off to explore the market and have lunch.
After Treboul we went to Pointe du Raz, the most westerly point in France. The weather didn’t look good as we arrived, as it was raining. We were allowed to take the bus right up to the lighthouse at the Pointe rather than parking a ways away in the car park, and as we got off the bus the rain stopped. The choir were most impressed with the views and surging seas, and Hannah couldn’t resist making us sing a rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’.
The final stop of the day was Audierne, a pretty sailing and fishing town. There was a night market here, so a second chance to haggle. Hannah and I had a great meal with reasonably priced wine with Hannah’s friend Helen and her husband, Ben (a choir groupie) and Hannah’s sister Rachel, who is additional music backup on the tour.
Some latecomers back to the coach struggled to find it, as Dave hid it round a corner to provide a lesson in time keeping. 🙂
Then it was back to the hotel for those that wanted a early night, as advised by Hannah, or some partying in the rooms, depending.


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