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February 6, 2011

In a complete turnaround from my last post, we’ve had a great week of Ella going to school. On Monday, when Ma, a former childminder, takes Ella at lunchtime, she texted Hannah to say Ella had skipped to school. On Tuesday, we changed the morning routine, so that Ella got up of her own accord, about half an hour later than we’d been getting her up; we said there’d be no television before school, unless she went without crying; and to ease the trip to school (in case I’ve been force-marching her up the road and hill too quickly), I drove. This seemed to have great results, as she again skipped from the car into school, and apart from a wee bit of clinging at the door, she was fine when I escorted her into class. On Friday, again we let her get up at her own time (which does give enough time to get ready), she did television (because she’d been good) but I did have to walk, because on a Friday I go into work, and I don’t have time to drive home, park and catch the ferry. Nevertheless, she was very good again, even remarking when I was putting her shoes on at home: ‘I don’t want to be late for class’. The other change we’ve made, which Ella calls ‘lesser lunch’, is to put less in her lunch bag, with the aim of reducing the pressure to finish it all off at lunchtime, and increase the chances of reward from the teachers.

So a spectacular turnaround in behaviour, and a hattrick of good trips to school. I hope it continues, and Ella develops a more positive attitude to school and sees it as a happy place to go. There will be enough stresses and strains during her school career in the coming years, without the relaxed early years being difficult.