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New Photos

July 6, 2009

I’ve uploaded some photos to Facebook. The first set are a few of ours from Ella’s birthday party. They show how much fun Ella had that day, enjoying some of her presents and cake! She definitely does know what presents are now, showing a great deal of interest in the ones Hannah gave out to the Choir.

The second set is from yesterday, when all three of us went to the Choir’s beach BBQ at St Helens. It was excellent weather, and everyone had a great evening. It was a shame to miss out on a thrilling Wimbledon final, though. I was doing the barbecuing for ourselves, Barbara, Brian, Petra (a friend and choir member who lives across the road), and a couple of other folks. I don’t believe anyone is unwell today, so that must have been okay, despite some items being dropped in the sand and ‘recycled’. Ella had a great time socialising, or alternatively doing her own thing. When the folks who stayed on late were having a sing-song Ella had a good old dance along with them, and once armed with a maraca she helped beat out the rhythm very well. She was most impressive.


Thank You for the Music

July 4, 2009

On Thursday, Hannah’s choir, Medina High Community Choir, whuch I sing in, had our in Medina Theatre. I’ve sung many times with Hannah’s choirs, and while we’ve had sell outs before, this is the first in the Theatre. This is an impressive feat for the choir, and I think a lot must have to do with the bullying tactics persuasive powers of some members of the choir. One disadvantage of having a big audience was the big heat in the theatre – it was sweltering. Just standing on the stage, without singing led to a sweat; looking like a tit doing ‘Does Your Mother Know’ was even worse. Everyone was in the same boat, so it wasn’t particularly embarrassing.

Overall, the audience seemed to enjoy it, and the Choir too. It’ll have been a great experience for the folks in the Choir who haven’t performed with us before to have stepped out onto the stage and see a full house. Watching it back on the video that was filmed on my behalf by one of Hannah’s Year 10 students, the big numbers are all good, and indeed it sounds better on the video than it did live, which is unusual – it’s usually the other way round. Also, the Choir was more disciplined than we’ve been before, getting on and off stage quicker. The standing plan helped (not seating, because we didn’t have seats), so everyone knew who they were stood next to. During Let It Be we all wandered around the stage, to return to where we started, and without a fixed seating plan, that wouldn’t have worked because we’d have ended up in a jumbled mess with people concentrating too much on remembering where they started.

There are a good set of pictures on Facebook (which I can’t link), taken by the sister of one of the Choir members. The couple that I’m in don’t do me any justice, I was smiling all the time, honest.

Concert on 2nd July

July 1, 2009

While I’m being verbose, I should put a post up about Hannah’s Medina High Community Choir, of which I’m a member. We’ve got a concert tomorrow, at Medina Theatre, which holds about 400 people, and not only is it sold out, it is also oversubscribed, with 40 people in a waiting list! This is excellent news, and largely down to the growth of the Choir, which has probably doubled in size this year.

The concert is a mixture of Abba and The Beatles, and should be good fun. Some of Hannah’s choices of choreography are a bit dodgy in my view, but the audience will find them funny, which is Hannah’s aim. I’ll let you know how it goes.