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Choir Tour Day 0

August 1, 2010

Hannah, Ella and I have been in Brittany for a few days now. The weather has been very changeable, eg yesterday it was rainy in the morning but hot by evening. We had a big rush of packing up the house for Cowes Week renting before leaving home, as well as all the usual pre-holiday stuff, along with rehearsal, trips to buy extra cables for sound equipment, test viewing of the DVD of the choir’s summer concert, etc.
The journey didn’t start too well as we missed our ferry off the island, as we were booked on an earlier one than I’d thought, so we had an hour’s wait until there was space. It wasn’t a big problem because we were going to Rachel’s house (Hannah’s sister), rather than connecting with another ferry. Other than that, the journey to Benodet was okay.
So far as the tour goes, Hannah and I were in Quimper yesterday sorting a couple of things. Hannah negotiated with a restaurant that we’ve been to before to organise Monday dinner. It’s called O’Keltia, and is central and pleasant. She got a good deal, which is important as this one is out of choir funds. We also visited the Office de Tourisme, where Hannah confirmed our visit to an asinerie (more on that later) and tried to find out more about our concert in Pont L’Abbe, as it didn’t appear in any listings. Unfortunately we couldn’t get confirmation so back at the campsite emails were sent and we’re waiting to hear.
The rest of the choir bus out of Medina High this afternoon, with an overnight ferry over The Channel. We’ll meet them at the B&B Quimper Sud early tomorrow afternoon, and the festivities will begin!