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Hannah’s Tour Round-Up

August 16, 2010

Hannah, as Medina High Community Choir Director, submitted a write up of the tour to the Ventnorblog, and you can read it here.


Evening Revelry

August 3, 2010

Last night Hannah organised a meal for all the Choir which was paid for out of Choir funds, which was most generous. A good time was had by all at O’Keltia in Quimper, and they handled 47 hungry and thirsty people very well. A good time was had by all, with plenty of chatter.

The meal was preceded by free time, with most people heading into the middle of Quimper from our hotel, which is just on the outskirts. It’s a short bus ride, or 30 minute walk into town. For some folks, it was their first French bus experience. I’m not sure the other passengers on the bus were too impressed with the extra long wait at the bus stop as Hannah negotiated with the bus driver for the best way to pay for 20 people. Once in the centre, Hannah and I showed where the O’Keltia’s was and then everyone went their own ways. Hannah and I, with Hannah’s family had a wander, and had lunch in a creperie, and then the ladies went shopping while Brian (Hannah’s Mum’s fiance) and Simon Woods (tenor) had a couple of drinks while watching the world go by. Eventually everyone gathered up in the square where the restaurant is, and the meal began.

After the meal, Hannah instructed us to go to the cathedral square for an impromtu performance of ‘Over the Rainbow’. I’m not sure how good we sounded, handling an eight part harmony song after a few alcoholic drinks and a large meal, but it must have looked impressive anyway.

Afterwards we returned to the hotel, some in taxis and a number of us a pied, and we were very thankful for Chris French’s wind-up torch for getting us through the park that was the first part of the walk.

I’m sure everyone had a good night, and the carefully planned breakfast rota (to avoid queues and filling up the breakfast room) was rather destroyed this morning by people staggering down with the after-effects.

Coming Soon

July 28, 2010

Over the next fortnight or so, lots of the postings will be about the Medina High Community Choir tour in Brittany. If you’re on Facebook, there are events for the actual concerts we’re doing, and we’ll also be busking in Quimper, Josselin and the general area.

The events are here:

The first three will be Gospel concerts, in various churches, and the final one is from our Abba and Beatles repitoire. All will be excellent, and we hope to see many people there. I’ll report on how it all goes here on my blog.