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Shiny New Phone

July 10, 2009

So I have a new phone, with new phone number (got to text that out), and I’ve spent most of the day playing around with it (much to Hannah’s annoyance). It’s quite a change, even for me who has had a smartphone (Windows) for several years. The most important difference, apart from the interface and 3G, is the fact that it is location aware. It is a HTC Magic, a Google Android based phone (Android being the operating system). Obviously it ties into Googles web-based apps, like Maps and Mail (making me sync my Yahoo mail into Google to get the best email support on the phone). Using the touchscreen is very different too. My old phone used a stylus, but this one doesn’t work with a tap from an inanimate object, instead it uses the electical contact from your fingers to sense the weight and length of the contact. This is what the iPhone does and is all the rage. It’s nice to experience it. I do have rather fat fingers, though, so hitting the right key in the on-screen keyboard is tricky, but the predictive text also checks for likely spelling errors, so often the phone corrects my bad typing.

I’ve downloaded a few apps – simple things like a battery display and compass, as well as a Weather Channel app, task/to-do app, bar code reader (which hasn’t recognised anything I’ve shown it yet), My Tracks (which records where you’ve been, and promises to be excellent), and loads more. The Places Directory ought to be very useful when visiting new places, as it gives a directory of shops, entertainment etc based on your location, which is established using your mobile cell or the in-built GPS. I’ve registered for Google Latitude, so if you’re a user of that, let me know and then we can each know where the other is at all times. Spooky.

So overall, I’m liking it as a device. Plus it’s lighter and smaller than my bulky old smartphone, and with the 16Gb micro SD card (they are shockingly tiny), I’ve now got a new MP3 player as well.