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New Phone on the Horizon

July 1, 2009

My phone is (I think) 3 years old. It’s a Windows Smartphone with touchscreen, and does most of what a modern smartphone does. It is a bit long in the tooth, though and quite blocky, and Windows Smartphone 2003 is not the best mobile OS. Plus I’d like to merge my MP3 player (a Creative Zen; also aging: I bought it for Hannah and I’s holiday to Mauritius in 2006) and therefore reduce my small device charging requirement by 1 and have one less device to carry around.

I’d had a look at the HTC Touch 3G on Orange, as that’s the network I’m on now, and the phone I have now is a rebadged HTC, so I’m used to the manufacturer. It’s another Windows Smartphone and that would mean being able to easily access stuff on my Windows desktop (files, music etc), install Yahoo Go for email and contacts, and get all the normal things off the internet that you can for Windows. It’s nothing special as a smartphone, though. I don’t want an iPhone, as I don’t have an iPod (most of my music is in WMA format), don’t have an Apple Mac and don’t use iTunes. I had looked at the HTC Magic, one of the Google Android phones, but that would mean switching network to Vodafone, and Hannah would still be on Orange, meaning higher charges for her calling me, and so had dismissed it. But… two of the guys in my team have just got one (with rebate from the IBM Rewards scheme for employees) and both rave about it and the apps it comes with. The major advantage of getting a new phone seems to be location awareness, ie the phone knowing where it is and being able to link you to local services etc.

I am tempted by the Magic, we’ll see what transpires.