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Potty Progress

April 18, 2010

At the moment, I’d say this second phase of potty training is going quite well. There’s been quite a lot of going out and about, and when that happens Ella is in pull-ups, so she isn’t out of nappies all of the time, but when she’s out of nappies, generally she has been very good. There haven’t been any real disasters to note, a couple of pees here and there that haven’t been in the potty. This morning she did pee in protest at not being given an ice-cream, and I’m not sure if she understood that the person most put out by that incident was Ella herself. We’ve got a pop-up potty for use when out-and-about, and I think that’s only been used successfully on one occasion. Not much exciting to report, really.

We had a trip to Marwell Zoo last week. Did Ella thoroughly enjoy seeing lots of new animals? I’m not sure. The thing she most enjoyed was the adventure playground, which was unfortunately completely rammed with children. I thought, while stood watching Ella and the hoards of children, that the zoo keepers and other members of staff must really be quite disappointed that the main point of interest for the kids were the slides and rope bridges, rather than the animals. She did like the giraffes, penguins, crocodile, and hippos, but she wasn’t all that ecstatic. The weather was very good, though. What she did miss out on was a trip either on the road train or the minature steam train – she would have liked that, but there wasn’t the time.


Happy New Year

January 15, 2010

Hello. Not only is it a new calendar year, since my last posting, way back at the end of November, it is actually a new year for my blog. It turned three in December, so happy birthday to me (kind of).

Having been through the season of giving, obviously a lot has been going on. We were up in Scotland over Christmas itself, staying with Hannah’s sister, Miriam, and visiting my family too. We had a bit of an event going up when we got stuck on the M74 in the snow, and bailed on our journey and stayed in a welcoming hotel in Moffat, called The Star (if you follow that link, the room in the big picture was the one we stayed in). Ella enjoyed herself a great deal up in Scotland, getting lots of presents and attention. She especially liked Santa’s trousers and boots that got stuck in Auntie Miri’s fireplace, and the terrible mess he left. 🙂 She didn’t like it when Uncle Hamish (my youngest brother) smiled at her when we were out for dinner one day, which was a rather odd reaction from her. One moment that Hannah treasured was when Granny and Grandpa were taking Ella to theirs after we’d visited my cousin and while Hannah was saying goodbye to Ella, Ella said ‘I’m so proud of you, Mummy’, which was very sweet.

Back down here, we had a quiet Hogmanay, and had a bit of a wind down before going back to work. I say ‘back to work’, but it was a somewhat brief back to work as when the snow hit Britain, my work closed, leaving me working from home (now for over a week), and Hannah’s school closed for half a week. Unfortunately Ella hasn’t been able to get out and enjoy the snow (which has pretty much melted away from Cowes now) because she’s been loaded with a cold. On the day after it had snowed overnight (last Wednesday) we trudged up the hill from our house to the doctor’s surgery to have Ella checked out, and on the way back Ella was somewhat waily, crying a lot. Whether she didn’t like the cold, the snow or the wet, I don’t know, or she just could have been miserable with being unwell. On the whole, she did seem quite interested in the snow, and we did throw together a quick snowman on Sunday. Ella did do very well during her illness, and generally took her medicine well, although there were some occasions when persistence and persuasion were needed.

One of Hannah’s friends, who was babysitting tonight and hasn’t seen Ella since before Christmas did remark on how tall she’d grown and how well her speech had come on. Also her imaginative play is developing quickly and she’ll spend much more time playing with dolls than before, and using the play cooker she got from Granny for Christmas to prepare meals. She’s helping with real cooking as well, helping Hannah make some biscuits and some ice cream (the latter based on an I Can Cook recipe, a show Ella quite likes). She’s definitely growing into being a proper little girl (barring her love for Thomas the Tank Engine), although we’ve yet to tackle the final vestiges of babyhood – nappies and dummies.


November 9, 2009

I realise it’s been a terribly long time since I last blogged, and Ella has continued to develop at an amazing pace, and in the missing period Hannah has had a birthday, but I’ll update on our weekend, rather than the past month or so.

We were away at Chessington this weekend with various members of my family. Unfortunately my younger brother, Douglas, and his family couldn’t make it due to illness, which was a shame, as Ella would have had a great time playing with her cousins. Nevertheless, we all did have great time. The Holiday Inn there is much better than others we’ve been to before, and coped well with our number (9 including Ella) turning for meals, and some fussiness amongst my family. Our room was very good, with a cubby hole especially for children with little beds and their own television. This meant that Hannah and I didn’t have to retire to the bathroom when Ella was in bed because she was separate from the main room, so we could watch telly.

As usual, Ella did her best to charm the socks off people. She was very good throughout the weekend, but did occasionally flag when tired. She was very happy to see Uncle Hamish and Auntie Christine, and to see Nan and Charlie again. It was also the first time since our holiday in Benodet that she got to see Grandpa again. So all-in-all she was very busy socialising.

On Saturday we went around Chessington Zoo. Hannah, Ella and I visited it in February when we got snowed on, which is not the best weather for wandering around a zoo. On Saturday the weather was very good, and we all had a good time seeing the animals, as well as getting to go on a couple of quite sedate rides that were open. Ella did enjoy the Stormy Sea ride, featuring little boats that went round in a circle and up and down, although there was much trauma around getting her height measured. She did like seeing all the animals, certainly more so than she did in February. She spent nearly all of the four hours we were in the zoo walking, rather than in her buggy, which was very impressive.

We also had a couple of goes in the swimming pool. Hannah did quite a lot of teaching Ella some swimming basics, and she got on very well with that. Ella definitely enjoyed the time in the pool, and I suppose it is something we should try and do more of with her.

Nearly Done and Thomas

July 29, 2009

We’ve done quite a lot of the packing up of the house, which is good. There are quite a few tasks to do tomorrow, admittedly, before we leave. Of course, the lovely task of putting it all back again awaits our return from holiday. We’re all looking forward to our 11 days in Brittany, and hopefully Hannah and I will get a good rest and the weather will prove good and sunny.

Ella did enjoy her Day with Thomas. Her most favourite thing was a retro car-based merry-go-round, with the cars going round and round on a track. She loved spinning the stearing wheel, and did have a good cry when she was taken off it after her first ride. That was followed by a ride on a merry-go-round which was a load of swings going round quite fast. She did look a bit miserable during that, but afterwards did ask to go back on (which she did later on). She also loved the bouncy castle, scrambling around with the other kids that were on it.

The trains – well, she was rather bemused by why she was having a photo taken while standing on Thomas. She did enjoy the train ride (which wasn’t pulled by Thomas, instead one of Thomas’s friends, aka one of the railway’s regular engines). She frequently commented on the ‘rocking’ and ‘rolling’, said ‘choo choo’ after the whistle was blown, and in the same vein as last week’s trip round the North Circular was quite excited by the tunnel.

All-in-all, a successful day out.

Hi from Here

July 22, 2009

Really this is just a quick hi. We’ve been up to quite a bit recently, with a visit from Hannah’s sister, Miriam, last week, and a day trip to London to visit my brother, Douglas, and his family, including getting to meet our new-ish niece, Grace, for the first time. Ella, of course, loved spending time with her family, and Miriam was chuffed that Ella could finally say her name. We did have a couple of wobbly lip moments and crying at Douglas’s as Ella either had to share with her three cousins, or didn’t get to do what she wanted, but she had a really good time, and was wonderful in the car both to and from London. She was quite excited by the tunnels and bridges on the North Circular! Not the sort of road architecture you get much of on the Isle of Wight.

Hannah is now off school and into the summer holidays. She isn’t taking it easy, though, what with preping some drugs education stuff for a new programme she’s helping kick off, and getting the house ready to rent over Cowes Week. Right now I’m sat in a room that is filling up with boxes, and there is still plenty more to do in the couple of free days I have before we leave. In fact, I should stop now, and get on with the monthly budget.